Turning Your Vision into Value! Free Yourself with CK Fidelity
Turning Your Vision into Value!   Free Yourself with CK Fidelity

About Us

CK Fidelity is committed to offering its clients the best possible service, fulfilling one's tax related needs. With a reputable history in servicing clients from a wide spectrum of fields, we take a comprehensive approach to each individual file with experience, effective strategies, and systematic procedures to ensure the highest level of accuracy and service.


Specializing in financial reporting and employee benefit plan audits, we are unlike most CPA firms in that you will deal solely with the owners of the firm. With many CPA firms, your engagement will be staffed by a revolving door of recent college graduates that may ask many of the same questions every year. With CK Fidelity, you will have the continuity of working with people you know and trust and will not have to battle a continual learning curve.


By working directly with the owners, you can also be assured that things will be done accurately the first time through. This saves your sanity and your employees' time.





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